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Russa, Wolny and Raspollini - Nude Tin Can Gallery, St. Albans, UK, 13th August-30th September 2016

Anastasia Russa | Victoria Wolny | Irene Raspollini

12th August - 30th September 2016

Special Bring a Bottle Late Night on Friday 19th August 6pm-9pm

Three outstanding artists will showcase for this extended exhibition. Anastasia Russa features large modern day Murals influenced by greek mythology to japanese collectible toys. Victoria Wolny with abstract paintings created deep within the philosophy of colour to invoke moods and emotions. Irene Raspollini with her very distinctive style of rosy-cheeked figurative characters that interlace with other through a tale of "Gianni the Blackbird Charmer". We have great pleasure in welcoming back Raspollini and Russa to the gallery and warmly introduce Victoria Wolny to you and her first show at Nude Tin Can. Each artist with exceptional and original paintings. Large canvas oil paintings by Wolny and Russa and by Raspollini smaller and intimately framed in mixture of handmadeframes and vintage.

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