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Another artwork of the serie on the easel today

The second piece of my Chroma Key Project has been outlined and the first colors begun to pop onto the canvas. I took my inspiration from the 80s commercials that I used to find in magazines, comics etc. during my childhood and I must say they were so funny with their kitsch colors and payoffs.

When I studied communication at the University, I went back to 80s ephemeras and commercials to see how much the publicity techniques changed during last decades, and I must say that the 80s ones were more focused on the practical benefits of the products, rather than on their emotional value or their role in "introducing" the client in a certain community/group.

The chroma key effect is already visible in this piece, even if it's at an early stage. I will probably change some colors, but the idea behind is pretty well visible.

The faces of the two protagonists have been inspired by the heroes of the Italian 70's photo comics, who were extremely popular at the time.

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