Painting from the serie: "Chroma Key project".Inspired by the 80s fashion, style and colors. Every high school has the girl who's considered the most beautiful one, and that means that she's the most popular and admired/envyed person of the community! I think every girl in her life experienced the situation of comparing herself to a similar angel-like flawless creature courted by every boy of the school, while she's struggling with the side effect of puberty such as disaster hair, pimples and a mixture of shyness, insecurity and clumsiness which made her uncomfortable in every kind of situation! This artwork, and every piece of this serie, uses Augmented Reality: you can see the painting come to life thanks to the free app Artivive, just download it on your mobile devices, open it and point your mobile phone in front of the image. Enjoy! Acrylic on stretched canvas with white borders and no staples. Ready to hang.

La più bella della scuola

  • This painting is realized in Italy using Maimeri Acrylics and Pieraccini PER Belle Arti canvas, so it is 100% Italian. All my original paintings are one of a kind and come with signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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