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100 x 100 x 3.7 cm

acrilico su tela spessorata / acrylic on box canvas

Cornice non presente/unframed


Inspired by a visit to a shepherd’s flock in Veneto countryside. The shepherd gathers the newborn lambs and marks them with coloured signs. The same marks are made on their mothers so that the shepherd can easily verify who’s the son of who: this is very important, because it may happen that some lambs are refused by their mothers and eventually abandoned. The shepherd makes sure that nobody is left behind.

Limes is a Latin word that sounds sweet, but stands for “border”. Borders are a form of protection, but also of potential abandon and lack of care for people that stand “outside” . Inclusion and care are the key to live in a fair society.

The Italian sentence written on the lower part of the artwork: “Non esiste tempo - Non esiste modo” means literally “the time doesn’t exist - the mode doesn’t exist” , meaning that borders can be erased and a better society is possible, but it’s not an easy task and there is not a right time or a right way to do it without disrupting our society and ourselves.

This symbolic and allows the spectator to read it on multiple levels.

Acrylic on box canvas, ready to hang.


€3,000.00 Regular Price
€2,550.00Sale Price
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