Painting from the serie: "Chroma Key project".Hair metal is one of the most popular genre of the 80s: crazy outfits, colored hair, spikes and leather everywhere, with frontmen like Dee Schnider, Bret Michaels and Sebastian Bach, brought on stage a lot of noise and creativity. Face painting and teased hairstyle were very common: this Metallaro (metalhead in Italian) was clearly inspired by those bands.This artwork, and every piece of this serie, uses Augmented Reality: you can see the painting come to life thanks to the free app HP Reveal, just download it on your mobile devices, open it and point your mobile phone in front of the image. Enjoy!Acrylic on stretched canvas with white borders and no staples. Ready to hang.

Metallaro #1

  • This painting is realized in Italy using Maimeri Acrylics and Pieraccini PER Belle Arti canvas, so it is 100% Italian. All my original paintings are one of a kind and come with signed Certificate of Authenticity.