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"Per una nuova consapevolezza estetica", new work ready to go!

"Per una nuova consapevolezza estetica", acrylic on canvas, 70x70 cm, 2018

Here we are! The second piece of the Chroma Key Project is ready and I'm really satisfied with it. As you can see, I have made some changes in my style: charachters are more realistic and I abandoned the monochromatic background to add loads of elements. I really like this new period of my artistic production and I think the artworks are way much stronger than before!

In this painting I added some elements of my childhood in Italy during the 80s. The "Penny" portable record player was an iconic object of that period, I had one of that and unfortunately I destroyed it, and the "45" depicted here is "Italians a go-go" by Italo disco group Righeira, a successful song released in 1986.

Now the only thing to do is to add Augmented reality to enhance the painting. I wonder how it will be, there are many green areas here!

Here there are some more closeups of the image:

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