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Gallery Award at ART Revolution Taipei international artists Grand Prize

This Spring I had the chance to be selected for the prestigious international fair ART Revolution Taipei. I sold a work there and had a fantastic experience from the beginning to the end. But the best was yet to come...

Just yesterday the staff of the fair sent me a HUGE news: the art director and jury team of ART Revolution Taipei selected me as one of the "excellent finalists" of this year edition. This means that I will exhibit 8 artworks in the International Artists Salon at ART Revolution Taipei 2019.

I'm just overwhelmed by this amazing result. It's really more than I expected. I'm a self taught artist: for me receiving the appraisal of professionals and curators seemed impossible just a few time ago.

"The queen of the floor", one of my most recent works, will be displayed next April at the fair. I'm soooo happy!

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