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Back in London at Laura I Gallery!

I'm so happy that my latest artwork "Everything will be alright" was accepted in the beautiful exhibition "I am a woman and this is my legacy", which will open on 4th October at Laura I Gallery, an award winning gallery in London, Barking.

From the words of Laura Iosifescu, owner of the gallery, artist and curator:

”I Am A Woman And This Is My Legacy” is a new opportunity for unique female talents whose artwork celebrates imagination, innovation and excellence in their medium. The gallery’s vision is to organize a high profile competition on a unique concept: recognizing contemporary female artists for the difference they make in our society and culture.

The exhibition will run from the 4th to the 19th October. More info are available in the gallery website:

"I am a woman and this is my legacy"

4th-16th October 2018

Laura I.Gallery IceHouse Court Abbey Road IG11 7BT London

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