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"Gorgone Moderna", the first artwork of my project has been completed... and sold in some hours!

I just realized the first artwork of my new serie inspired by the Chroma Key effect and I'm pleased to announce that it has been altready purchased by an Italian collector. The artwork is not yet completed, since it lacks of the special touch I will add to all the paintings I will realize for this project. Well, it's time to unveil what this "special touch" is: every artwork will be enriched by Augmented Reality.

I saw AR applied to art for the first time watching the artworks of the talented Italian artist Roberto Grosso, during a collective show in which we exhibited together. I was very impressed by it, but didn't imagine immediately that I could use AR in my art as well. It was only when I decided to make an "artistic hommage" to chroma key that I had the idea to use it in my artworks. I don't think that I will use it in all my projects, but I think that in this peculiar case it will be extremely useful and somehow will add some sense.

All the paintings in this project, even if different for shape and subject, will have something in common: the special colour Pantone 354 (Chroma Green) I mentioned in my previous post. The paintings themselves are two images combined together, like in chroma key edited videos, but thanks to these green areas I will be able to realize a video using chroma key effect, and thanks to a free app it will be possible to see this content just putting your device in front of the painting. Thanks to AR, the painting will come to life and in all the green areas you will see other colours and special effects.

It's really easier to show it than to explain it: next days, I will realize the AR contents for this first artwork, so that the collector who purchased it will be able to see it as it really is :-). Naturally the effect will be visible in every reproduction of the painting, that means that even purchasing a limited edition print you could experience this peculiar feature.

"Gorgone moderna" is inspired by the myth of the three Gorgons, with this young ice cold eyes lady surrounded by geometric "snakes". Can't wait to add the AR to see how it will be once completed!

"Gorgone moderna", acrylic on round canvas, 50 cm diameter - SOLD

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