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The Chroma Key Project, my new artistic project officially starts today

For the first time in my artistic career I decided to realize a new body of works based on a project which combines art and technologies: the Chroma Key Project will be an hommage to the 80s esthetic and imagery, which influenced me so much in my childhood.

The new serie of paintings will be deeply inspired by the crazy Italo Disco bands videoclips: one of the main characteristic of these videos was the massive use of chroma key effect, also called "green screen", which allows to combine two videos or images by making transparent a particular color range in the foreground image, so that the background image "pops up" in those transparent areas. This technique is still very popular nowadays and is currently used in videos, TV shows  and movies. 

Whether a professional use of chroma key leads to beautiful effects, during the 80s many videomakers and private TVs in Italy used this feature in an extremely naif way, obtaining hilarious and kitsch effects that us, children of the 80s, would definitely never forget... 

 My new paintings will be inspired by this super kitsch chroma key flash of geniuses and will be enriched by the use of modern technologies. It's all new for me, so I will make some tries before, but I'm positive that everything will be alright. It's really, really exciting, and I can't wait to start!

The body of work will count 30 or more canvases, all square or round shaped. It's my first time with round canvases, so it's indeed and exciting journey for me :-) ! Will have to familiarize with a format I'm not used to, which means a deep study of the composition. It's a pleasant challenge, though, and I'm ready to take it. 

One of the crucial aspects of #ChromaKeyProject  is also the use of a peculiar colour: since the hue generally used for the chroma key effect is a particular shade of green, the Pantone 354c, also called "chroma green", I will use it in all my painting of this serie. This will allow me to include some more features that will add sense to the paintings in a very original way. 

This beautiful green is the same hue used for the Chroma Key effect. I will use it on my next paintings to add a very, very special touch.

This blog will become the journal of this project, so if you want to follow it step by step just stay in touch!

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